The Art of A Happy Exit

The sale of a start-up invariably makes headlines, but does it make the entrepreneurs happy? When Ohio entrepreneur Tim McCarthy sold his business for $45 million in cash, why was he miserable the next one year? The book explores the question of what should an entrepreneur do to make the sale of their business a happy and fulfilling event. And should they bother with these if they don’t intend to sell their business? 

The Art of a Happy Exit by Srikrishna teaches you everything you needed to know about selling your venture but were afraid to ask. The book will help you make the right decisions financially, emotionally, and organizationally.

Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds;
Founding Chairman & MD, Mindtree

Srikrishna’s book has it all: captivating stories of real-world entrepreneurs and the exits they’ve achieved—some happy, some not so happy; a thoughtful structure and an abundance of hands-on tools and checklists to ensure that you start applying what you learn. Don’t even think about selling your ‘baby’ without reading this book!

John Mullins, Associate Professor, London Business School;
Author of Getting To Plan B, The New Business Road Test
and The Customer ­Funded Business

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